For 7th generation, our philosophy has been the same, working for the best. That  means we drive the vineyard and the enterprise sustainably and to make sure that each bottle will be the best one.
This is global philosophy : from the very beginning, we think quality first, when choosing our clones for planting. Then, every action we undertake, every choice we make, strives for quality and respect of our vineyard and our environment.

At the harvest for example, we host at home our team of 25 pickers. Some of them have been coming for the harvest at Plener for 30 years.

vendanges plener bouzy

Notre équipe de vendangeurs en 1992

vendanges champagne plener

10 ans plus tard, en 2002

vendanges champagne plener

20 ans plus tard, en 2012 !

In the vineyard, we follow the rules of integrated land management and sustainable vinegrowing : that means we do accept a part of risk in our decisions (not) to use and spray plant protection products. We also respect and encourage biodiversity : the majority of our vineyard has grass, to avoid weedkiller, and we work our soil mecanically.


vigne champagne bouzyvigne champagne bouzy
For winemaking, we follow the path of our ancestor Jean Plener (4th generation) who joined forces with five other winegrowers in Bouzy. Together, they built a press room and a tank room ; in order to share costs and invest in the best material. We do the same : the team of grand-grand-sons of the founders still share time and money for the best quality. We work with modern, new and qualitative tools (press, pumps, tanks etc). Combined with the quality of our grapes, that allows our wines to have a natural evolution.

champagne plener bouzy
Champagne acquires its reputation of quality from its constancy ; Champagne is the result of a blend from various varietals from various years.

Our philosophy, at Champagne Jean Plener Fils, is making sure that each bottle is the best bottle. That means we cannot do more than one blend, the best blend. This creative rule, that we impose ourselves, pushes us to be intransigeant. We cannot make any compromise. No premium blend, no basic blend : but a Plener blend, the best of our art.