In 1972, my grand-father Jean planted the plot « Les Cercets ». My father Jean-françois cultivated it his whole career. And in 2017, I grubbed it up to let grow a young plant.

This Cuvée is the last harvest of Jean Plener’s Cercets. It is a tribute to the cycle of life and vine.


100 % Pinot Noir, harvest 2017, bottling 2018, dosage extra-brut.

2500 bottles only, numbered by hand.

Appearance : pale gold and shiny robe, very fine bubbles, nice thin mousse and persisting effervescence

Nose and palate :  mineral wine, with aromas of peach and toasted bread. On the palate, notes of buttered brioche bring roundness to this straight wine, marked by a precise and fine dosage.


How to drink it :

Bubbles from « Les Cercets » will tell you the story of our family of winegrowers; its 100 % Pinot Noir aromas will reveal you the secret of the soul of the terroir of Bouzy Grand Cru. Then it is your turn to write what is next : by tasting its bubbles, you are the new writers of « Les Cercets » story.